A Review of “Secrets of Private Funding for Small Business” by Donald W. Winnicott

Funding & Investors is the first book that I have written since going on the road to becoming a financially independent senior citizen. It is geared for the retiree who wants a little help with money management as well as a plan to help get them back on their feet once again. This book covers many areas of funding including insurance, stocks, real estate, retirement, real estate investing, investment banking and much more. It is a quick read and covers all the bases in an easy to understand manner.

Funding  Investors

Funding & Investors by Jack Schwager discuss how small changes in personal spending habits can impact your finances for years to come. It is important to maintain a healthy cash flow so you do not get into debt. By being disciplined you will also be able to save for an emergency as well as for your children’s education. Many times investors will add other people to a retirement account to get additional funds.

For instance instead of putting all your eggs in one basket when it comes to funding your retirement you may decide to diversify by adding some investors to your portfolio. Small changes in your spending habits and diversifying your investments will reap benefits for years to come. Investments are available from pension funds, government organizations, mutual funds, and others. You will need to determine what your goals are in terms of funding.

Another area covered in the book is how to find potential funding sources for your small business. Funding from family and friends is the best way to start, but if the funds are unavailable, then private loans and grants may become your source of funds. When you are looking for funding for your business you should consider the needs of the local community and the type of business you intend to start.

In the chapter on Investors you will learn how to select the right types of investors for you. There are different groups with differing philosophies when it comes to funding. There are accredited investors, non-accredited investors, sole proprietors, partnerships and corporations. You will need to be familiar with these differences prior to applying for any type of financing.

The last chapter covers real estate investment opportunities for the self-directed business owner. This is a great chapter to read if you have been looking for a way to generate additional income. Real estate investment opportunities provide a great return on investment, but they require knowledge and experience. Your book “Secrets of Private Funding for Small Business” includes details regarding the different real estate investment strategies and areas that an investor should consider. This is a very good book to add to your library for future reference.